• Mental Health Counseling

    Mental Health Counseling

    No two therapy journeys are alike. Each individual brings their own set of beliefs, perceptions, motivations and insights to the table for their therapist to work with. And, each therapist comes to the table with their own unique set of ideas, tools, specialties and teachings.

    Parasol contracts with only highly engaged therapists, many with their own businesses run under our umbrella. We cheer on our therapists as they seek out diverse training and do the clinical work that excites them the most. We encourage their authenticity, self-care and a healthy work-life balance- all so that our therapists can be at their very best for their clients. Then, our whole team comes together to learn from each other and collaborate on cases. The result is a robust experience for our clients, with top-quality care and the ability to serve a diverse group of clients.

    Some of our clients come in with a very specific set of goals and need accountability to help them stay on track, and some of our clients come in without knowing exactly what they need- just that they don’t like how they feel. Whether you’ve been in therapy for years and know all the lingo, or are just considering the possibility of getting some support- we can help.

    We know that the relationship between a therapist and a client is a sacred one, and believe that the most important indicator of success in therapy is the therapeutic relationship. If you start out with one of our therapists and don’t feel a connection after a few sessions, we encourage you to talk with your therapist about finding a better fit- and we promise not to take it personally.

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    Here is more info regarding some of our specialties:

    TF-CBT (Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy)
    ART (Accelerated Resolution Therapy)
    Art Therapy
    Somatic Experiencing

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