• Group Healing

    Ongoing Art Therapy Groups

    (Blaine Location)

    Bud to Blossom: Where Healing Blooms Through Art

    Teen girls (ages 12-15) 6 week cohort group designed to support self expression to process feelings of anxiety, depression, self worth and more.

    Vibrant Visions: Creating Today, Thriving Tomorrow

    Teen girls (ages 16-19) 6 week cohort group designed to explore coping strategies to manage anxiety, depression and relationship conflicts through creative methods in a small group setting.  

    Her True Hue: Coloring the Canvas of Self

    Women’s group, ages 20+, 6 week cohort designed to explore feelings of anxiety, depression and the challenges associated with managing multiple responsibilities.

    Creative Recovery

    An Art Therapy group for addiction recovery.  12 principles, 14 weeks