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    Yoga and Meditation

    “The body benefits from movement, and the mind benefits from stillness” – Sakyong Mipham

    Mindful Movement = Mind/Body Healing

    We understand that maintaining a healthy mental state is essential to your wellbeing and offer private, personalized classes to help you find peace and relaxation.


    In each session, we’ll lead you through poses, stretches, and mindfulness exercises to help clear your mind and body. We’ll help you use your breath and your body to calm yourself in the midst of life’s demands and demands. We understand that a daily yoga and meditation practice can be life-changing and we want to help you achieve this.


    No prior yoga experience is necessary. Our team of instructors are certified and experienced in helping to craft personalized programs and instruction tailored to meet your needs. We offer private, 1:1 sessions as well as small group sessions to make sure that your experience is tailored to you and your needs.  Our group classes are designed for optimal mental health benefit, and 1:1 sessions are geared toward helping you implement a practice specific to your goals.



    We invite you to join us in achieving physical, emotional, and mental well-being through yoga and meditation. Contact us today to learn more about our services and begin your journey of mindfulness and relaxation.

    Classes Designed Specifically for Parasol

    Given the unique needs of clients prioritizing mental health alongside wellness in their lives, our Collaborative Partner- Emy Minzel- has designed a series of classes specifically for Parasol Wellness Collaborative.  Working directly with our provider team, these classes were created as a response to the struggles we see most often and were carefully created to support bringing the body into the healing process.  

    Vibe Higher Chakra Yoga

    This class is full of spinal health movements and techniques to get your energy flowing.  This is accessible to people of all fitness levels and modifications will be given.  The focus of Vibe Higher Chakra Yoga is to activate the energy in the main chakra system from root to crown, so you can feel like your best self.  This is a good class for folks who have depression or anxiety as it helps balance the whole body.  We will be doing powerful pranayama breathing exercises to stimulate life force in the body, mind and spirit.  Vibe Higher Chakra Yoga is not your typical down dog and sun salutation yoga.  Expect different in this class!  We will be using music, mudras, mantras, movements and more to get spinal fluid flowing and chakras activated.  We will do guided meditations to help shift emotional and mental energy for the better.

    Simmer Down Sangha

    A Sangha is a group of yoga practitioners who support each other in their practice and spiritual growth.  This Simmer Down Sangha class will utilize various methods that help to calm and clear the energy of anxiety or stress.  It will be a fusion of vinyasa yoga and kundalini techniques to harness the extra energy causing anxiety into purposefully self-healing practice.  Yoga philosophy knows that we must exercise the body before the mind and spirit are able to be peaceful.  

    This class will help you check in with the energy of your body and be mindful of how to use it with purpose.  We will use movement and breath work to burn off the extra energy built up that causes anxious feelings.  Then we will incorporate mantra meditation, mudras and other yoga technology that help calm the mind and spirit.  Follow by a guided meditation practice for clearing of the whole energetic body.

    Guided Meditation to Connect with Your Intuition

    This tranquil practice is designed to bring full mindfulness into the body and in touch with the energy you carry called the Aura.  After some gentle movement will use the practice of Yoga Nidra to guide you into the ultimate relaxed state.  Yoga Nidra is the only known practice to scientifically calm the entire nervous system.  It calms the Beta and Theta waves of the brain, allowing you to experience restorative peaceful state for the body, mind and spirit. 

    You will be guided to connect with your higher self and inner knowing.  The higher self is just the part of you that knows better.  Your inner knowing is your intuition.  The more you can hear them both the more you are able to use them purposefully.  This practice will get you in touch with the unseen energy of your own auric field so that you are more aware and responsible for the energy you carry every day and how to change it.  

    All fitness levels welcome.  Please feel free to bring a blanket for extra comfort as you lie on the mat for the hour.