• Physical Therapy

    Dr. Stacey Leach, DPT, MHA, MSCS

    Dr. Stacey is a specialist in neurological conditions with emphasis on busy professionals with migraines and headaches.  Beyond having a doctorate in physical therapy, she has special training in manual therapy, multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s disease. 

    While she continues to treat other complex neurological conditions she has refined her skills and created a clear, systematic approach to improve the lives of headache and migraine sufferers.  In that quest, Dr. Stacey has found that many of her clients struggle with their mental health- either as a result of chronic pain or perhaps the pain is associated with stored trauma or tension as a result of mental health struggles.  Regardless, the partnership with our multidisciplinary team further bridges the gap between mental health and physical health.

    Dr Stacey’s business, Empower You Physical Therapy, opened their doors to better serve people who recognize the current “system” wasn’t working for them, just as it wasn’t working for us as providers. They make the time to listen to patients, perform detailed evaluations, and then come up with a systematic plan focusing on key areas to move you forward faster in your care or in some neurological cases maintain your current ability.  They are a mobile service, with the ability to serve clients out of Parasol’s offices or within their homes.