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    Our Services

    At Parasol Wellness Collaborative, our entire vision is based on the idea that it’s incredibly difficult to make positive changes to your mental health without addressing the factors of your physical health. And, it’s also incredibly difficult to improve your physical health without attention to your mindset and mental health. We strive to address the whole person for the best possible outcomes.


    Mental Health Counseling

    No two therapy journeys are alike. Each individual brings their own set of beliefs, perceptions, motivations and insights to the table for their therapist to work with.


    We're thrilled to provide nutrition services fully integrated within Parasol Wellness Collaborative!

    Yoga & Meditation

    Amplify your wellness journey through practice! Parasol Wellness Collaborative is proud to offer yoga and...

    Physical Therapy

    Our bodies store tension and trauma as a result of every day stress and also big life events. Physical therapy can support releasing of this tension for relief of physical pain.