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    Medication Management

    At Parasol Wellness, we believe that mental health medication can be a powerful tool in healing- and we want our clients to have access to as many tools as possible!  We just think medication should be approached with a bit more care and time than what we tend to see in the traditional medical setting.  And we’ve found a medication prescriber who agrees!  Our partnership with Intentional Wellness Solutions allows us to collaborate openly across wellness providers to ensure that each individual is getting access to well-rounded care from a team of professionals.

    Jamie Anderson, FNP, PMHNP

    Intentional Wellness Solutions

    Jamie is a Family and a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner who understands mental wellness requires different approaches for each person. A whole person assessment is conducted in each visit, which includes considering your physical health, emotional health, and identification of strengths/weaknesses. By placing yourself in an environment that uses your strengths and less focus on your weaknesses, self esteem and contentment with life is increased. 

    While in the traditional medical setting you may get 10 minutes with your provider- barely enough time to be truly heard or to have treatment options clearly explained- Jamie is committed to taking the time to partner with her clients and other wellness professionals to provide high quality, collaborative care.