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    Our partnership with Azitala allows us to offer the following healing services directly out of our Otsego office location: 

    Reiki Healing: Energy healing that works at the source, using the power of consciousness to move through the body, shifting energy, opening blockages, and allowing for the processing of emotions to allow for healing physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

    Thai Bodywork: Thai massage is a traditional therapy combining acupressure points, Ayurvedic principals and assisted yoga postures. Working the energy lines in the body to help clear and ease their pathways to allow the body healing through meridian clearing.

    Sound Healing: Using traditional sound tools like Tibetan bowls, Crystal bowls, gongs, bells, rattles and more to move energy through the body, opening passages and channels for healing the body, the mind and the spirit of stuck energy and blockages.

    Vibration Therapy: Vibration through tuning forks applied to the body to help move energy, heal injuries, and release stuck emotions. Using Vibration helps to move energy that has been stale or stagnate to help clear and release energy that holds you back.