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    Leah D. Corder, LMFT

    *Sees individual clients aged 6+ as well as families

    I don’t like writing bios. I get that it’s helpful to know some things about me before deciding to engage in a life changing journey together, I just can’t seem to articulate what my work means to me. I can tell you that I have a bachelors degree in Child Development from the University of Minnesota, with a minor in Family Violence and Prevention. I can say that I have a master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Adler Graduate School. Even if I went into my work history with several years of providing in home supportive and therapeutic services as well as a few years of outpatient therapy services, I still wouldn’t be telling you what it means to me to be a psychotherapist, or what kind of practitioner I really am. I believe that the therapist/client relationship is the single, most important factor in therapeutic success. So here’s what I propose: rather than me obsessing over writing an awesome sounding bio, how about you just give me a call or send me an email and we can chat for a few minutes? If I don’t seem like the kind of person you can connect with enough to share your story, then I’ll happily get you in touch with another local therapist. Because in the end, I just want you to be happy.