• Judy Wick, Clinical Intern

    *Judy is a Master’s level clinical intern working under the supervision of Lisa Lounsbury, LMFT.  She works with individuals and families ages 5+.  She is unable to accept UHC, Medica or Optum insurances.

    A diverse range of experiences and challenges have shaped each of us and how we see the world. Each client is different so the way I approach working with each client will also be different. When we meet, I hope to make you feel welcome, heard, and encouraged. Together, we can figure out the best ways to help you reach your goals. We can do this by talking, making art together, or both! Someone once told me that my therapeutic style made them feel like they were being wrapped in a warm, fuzzy blanket, which I hope is how I can make all my clients feel when we first meet. Establishing a base of safety and trust is key before we take on the tough stuff together.

    If you’re wanting to know more about me before reaching out, I am a curious, creative, and sensitive person. I enjoy gardening when it’s warm, watching movies when it’s cold, painting, working on puzzles, and learning new things. I love animals (especially dogs!) and thunderstorms. I have been diagnosed with ADHD for 20+ years and enjoy relating to other non-linear and neurodiverse thinkers. I am currently finishing up my master’s degree in art therapy and clinical counseling from Adler Graduate School in Minnetonka, MN. If reading this made you feel like we would get along, then we probably will!