• Santi Church, MA

    *Sees individuals aged 17+, is unable to work with Medica/Optum/United Health insurances

    It is very normal and human to struggle. According to Buddha, suffering is an inevitable part of life. So how do you manage this suffering? How do you deal with these difficult feelings and experiences? I’m here to both sit with you and the suffering, and to help guide you through that process. Difficult feelings can be a sign that something needs attention, so look at you go! You’re already practicing self-awareness and showing courage by taking this first step.

    I see therapy as a collaborative process. I aim to create a safe space for you to be exactly as you are, where you are. From here, we will figure things out together ☺ For me, a big part of therapy is empowering you to embrace who you are, as well as working through all the stuff that may be keeping you stuck and confused. That stuff can feel so tangled up! But I assure you, it all makes sense, and it isn’t ‘too big’ or ‘too much.’ I truly believe that your relationship with yourself sets the tone for everything else in your life. So let’s get to know you better!

    I pull from a variety of different theories and practices as I don’t believe a ‘one size fits all’ approach. Your therapy process is as unique as you are, so whatever you need and whatever works best for you, we will figure it out together! I see mental health as holistic, so my approach is holistic as well, incorporating behavioral, cognitive, narrative, and depth/pattern-focused theories. In other words, incorporating the mind, body, and spirit ☺ I aim to see you and treat you as a whole being with all of your unique experiences. I also take a trauma-informed and client-centered approach and have worked with a variety of different individuals from different backgrounds. 

    In my free time I like to paint, play Tears of the Kingdom, go outside, and hang out with my cat (who might make an appearance during our appointments). I identify as a highly sensitive person myself, and particularly enjoy working with them!

    I look forward to going on this journey with you ☺