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    Reeve Bowling, Clinical Intern

    “If you look at a tree growing in a valley, you notice it grows differently than one on top of a mountain. The environment that surrounds us has a large influence on our lifestyle, mental health and behavior. As a therapist, I offer a nonjudgmental environment and strive to understand your life, your thoughts and your feelings.”

    Areas of expertise:

    Anxiety and Depression
    Art Therapy
    Individuals with neurodevelopmental Disabilities/Autism
    Stress Management
    Veterans and Military Families

    Reeve holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology and biomedical humanities from Hiram College. He is currently pursuing his Master of Arts in Adlerian psychotherapy and clinical mental health counseling with a focus on art therapy. Collaborating with our licensed therapists, he provides both counseling and art therapy. Reeve uses a person-centered and Adlerian approach.  He believes a strong therapeutic relationship provides a strong foundation for healing. He is conversational in American Sign Language.