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    Miranda Kuschel, MA

    *Sees individuals aged 8+, is unable to work with Medica/Optum/United Health insurances

    Does she have what I need? I’m here to support you finally getting relief. I believe in unconditionally loving people first. I know life feels overwhelming, so we move at your pace. Your resilience is powerful, but depravation from help doesn’t work long-term. Let’s safely uncover why is life so difficult right now? I want you to leave feeling lighter each time. This means building up our bond with trust, so we have a connection with rapport, and safety. I work with people who have buried things because it was easier not to share, they can’t stop, or wish things would just change, but are ashamed! The goal is freedom to feel vulnerable with me. Maybe you get what you needed all along?

    Not a big by the “textbook theorist.” I have plenty of life experiences over 12 years in field settings. I understand I’m not treating every client the same. I work with a substantial array of clients, that each session we uncover another layer of revelations. Specialties: Addictions, Compulsions, Narcissistic Survivor Abuse, Parenting Support, Anxiety, Pre-Post-Partum, Judicial System Support, PTSD, CPTSD, Trauma, and Sexual Life Concerns. I help move us towards things that need addressing, what things are they and why do things need your attention? Let’s unbury hurt and heal? Providing Compassionate, yet fair Challenges towards positive life changes.

    I can’t say I’ve seen it all because, we haven’t worked together yet. In full transparency, when my clients stay engaged, things will absolutely get better! My goal is for you to achieve yours. The world isn’t easy, every single life will have something that did, will or is happening to them that is painful. Trusting someone to normalize therapy support, will help ease the process!