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    Miranda Kuschel, MA

    Miranda has experience that spans across various settings which have provided expertise and exposure to a variety of perspectives, situations, and life challenges. Miranda has a Bachelors in Psychology from Crown College and a Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology. She is working on licensure for Alcohol and Drug Counseling, as well. Miranda has a degree emphasis on Trauma Work and extensive Psychological Crisis training. She is impassioned about the collaborative relationship helping clients achieve goals, while walking through difficult life issues that might be deeply affecting them. Helping to live a life beyond just survival, but to overcome setbacks and thrive. She works particularly with limiting beliefs, destructive/impulsive patterns, some that are used to escape preventing healing on the journey to wellness. Miranda is strengths-based, person-centered, and uses CBT/DBT modalities, Motivational Interviewing, role playing all to move through grief/loss, trauma, practice assertiveness & any of life concerns. Miranda provides the space needed for you to share hurts and uncover ways in which this is playing out. She does this in a non-judgmental, truthful, compassionate way. Together she helps you celebrate your resilience, while uncovering what might need change. In counseling you can develop a narrative about your past and discover ways which it can have you “stuck” in the present. She believes that highlighting a client’s strengths with validation, providing safety & trust, help build healthy new approaches with her clients.

    Some of the specialties are; Anxiety, Life Transitions, Bi-Polar, OCD, Depression, Suicide Survival, Self-Injury, Sexual Compulsions, Grief and Loss, Co-Occurring, Substance Abuse/Recovery, Trauma Recovery, Spirituality, Victim Survivors, Gambling, Sex Trafficking, Veterans, TBI, Adults and Adolescents, Dissociation and Mind-Body Connection, Personality Disorders, Narcissistic Trauma Survival, Parental Emotional Support, Parental Alienation, Relational Issues, Co-Dependency.

    When Miranda is not practicing, she is working towards additional therapy certifications, including her LADC, traveling as she loves nature and how it can be healing. She loves podcasts, speakers, concerts, and seminars.