• Lou Lou, Clinical Intern

    Hi, my name is Lou Lou. Yes, indeed, my first name is the same as my last name. Please just call me Lou. I am currently attending Adler Graduate School for art therapy via the couples marriage and family therapy track.

    My undergraduate studies consisted of gender, race, and sexuality studies. Your intersectional identity is unique to you. I am social justice-minded and believe that self-reflexivity is lifelong work.

    I believe your story helps shape your unique perspective, and your unique perspective helps shape your story. I love to incorporate art therapy and narrative therapy as we navigate and discover patterns that may not be helping you, as well as focus on your beautiful gifts and encourage your strengths. I value authenticity, and I enjoy being present with you as you discover ways to thrive.

    In my free time, I enjoy outdoor adventures (year round!), hammocking with a nonfiction book, gardening, and napping with my cats. I am a weight-lifter, a tea drinker, and will never turn down fresh baked goods. I am also an avid painter and a creative, playful individual. I hope we can connect and create art together.