• Hoa Kutscher, Clinical Intern

    Hello. I am Hoa Kutscher and I am looking forward to starting a therapeutic conversation with you. I know that finding a therapist can be challenging. There are many reasons to be apprehensive in your search. My hope is that when you and I meet, I can make you feel safe, welcome, comfortable, and respected in the therapeutic space.

    I am finishing up my last year in graduate school for art therapy and clinical counseling at Adler Graduate School of Psychology. Art therapy can provide you with the opportunity to process your emotions and thoughts through creating visually tangible art, especially at times when it’s difficult to verbally express your thoughts. You don’t have to be a good artist to express your creative self. It’s about the process of your experience and not the result of the art piece. Together we can explore ways to reduce your concerns and gain healthy coping skills. If you don’t feel comfortable with art making, that’s ok too. We can chat about what’s on your mind. I’m here to support and listen. 

    If this sounds like something you’re interested in, I invite you to join me in the conversation.