• Cris Roman, LMFT

    I come to Parasol as an older man, for whom psychotherapy has become a tremendously rewarding second vocation in life, having started about fifteen years ago, following a lifetime in both publishing and telecommunications.  I come to the field of mental health naturally, both my father and grandmother having been psychologists many decades ago.

    My goal is to provide empathetic, creative problem-solving and dynamic counsel to those who find themselves both stressed and depressed by the circumstances of the life they are living — both alone and in relationship with others. This is not about “mental illness” or behavioral change alone. This is about providing a caring, non-judgmental and trained ear to those in need of someone to hear them, offer a new perspective of looking at things and creating new proactive approaches to life’s problems. This is for those who may be apprehensive about therapy, but need to converse with a non-judgmental, objective listener.

    My specialty (at least academically) is Adlerian psychology. Adler said it is most important to understand how we learned in youth to approach life, love, and work.   It is during our childhood and adolescence that we tend to create the story for ourselves about what we feel about life, relationships, marriage and develop certain expectations, as well as new approaches to create change. 

    As a narrative therapist, I am very interested in hearing about the story of your life and, particularly, want to know about the story you want to write. Certainly most, if not all, of us want a better life, but often we have to simply learn how to live in the present and make sure each day is as joyful and productive as possible, particularly in such a complicated and changing world.