• Christy Greene, APCC, ADC-T

    Christy has earned the opportunity to assist individuals in their journey in inpatient, intensive outpatient, psychiatric, and outpatient clinic settings. Taking careful consideration of one’s spiritual and cultural beliefs and identities, Christy’s experience is with all individuals, often folx with goals involving their relationships, addiction/recovery/co-occurring issues, gender/sex, self-worth/esteem, motivation, honing intuition, trauma, symptoms of Autism and compassion fatigue and activism burnout. Christy’s experience is with all types of symptoms as specifically related to anxiety and depression or generally related to time and place like navigating a pandemic or lifestyle change like moves; geographic, job-related or inter-family.

    Christy employs a Humanistic and biopsychosocial approach to work in tandem with the client’s comfort level and desired outcomes, inclusive of, but not limited to; CBT/DBT/ACT, mindfulness/meditation, goal and strengths driven, client-centered, compassion-focused, and ego state. Christy’s ideal clients are open to the therapy process and that it includes work, dedication, and priority. She knows her clients possess all they need to thrive and be healthy and continues to be honored to hold the map while they navigate getting there and finding their way back.