• Carla Deneal, MA

    *Sees individual clients aged 6+, families and couples, is unable to work with Medica/Optum/United Health insurances

    Congratulations on making that first step in addressing your mental health needs! I have a passion for helping individuals discover their own expertise and resiliency when it comes to making those meaningful, lasting changes in their lives. Sometimes we get stuck in our own loops or patterns and I like to remind clients that they are the experts when it comes to their life while assisting in unearthing those tools needed to break patterns. I provide services/approaches with a person-centered, culturally and inclusive emphasis from a place of respect, empathy, understanding, and warmth. I am a recent graduate with a masters in marriage and family therapy with a small emphasis on clinical counseling. I have experience working with individuals/families with depressive, anxiety, adjustment/stressor disorders, and who simply just want that space to explore/process difficult emotions. I am open to working with individuals and couples at this time. I am also exploring providing services at odd times of the day for those with complicated work schedules! I  look forward to working with you!