• Becca Manthe, Clinical Intern

    About Me

    I am a musician, artist, writer, teacher, group facilitator, and art therapy graduate student. I have formal education in fine arts, industrial design, Irish fiddle, mental health counseling, and art therapy. Nature-based materials, 2D and 3D art forms (wire sculpture, weaving, paper, collage, drawing, painting, and clay), music, expressive movement, and creative writing are ways that I explore communication. I have a Buddhist-oriented spiritual practice and ecopsychology trauma-informed therapeutic lens. I am a Caucasian woman coupled in a male-female partnership.

    My Biases

    • I value democratic principles, such as mutual respect, consensus, peaceful conflict resolution, and collaboration.
    • I practice and promote the practice of Mindful Self Compassion (MSC) and Nonviolent Communication (NVC)
    • Ecopsychology: The Earth is the therapeutic holding space from which our greatest wisdom as conscious creatures arises.
    • I believe that with adequate support; systems rebalance naturally.

    My Therapeutic Philosophy

    Expressive arts therapies provide alternate modes of communication for individuals and groups. The body-based experience of creating is a present moment activity. This way of entering into internal or external conflict resolution and awareness building brings with it present truths that may otherwise be inaccessible. For those who wish to engage in personal integration and social change, the use of visual arts, music, movement, creative writing, and polyvagal theory can aid in gaining access to higher or deeper ways of narrating their unique perspective. When we share with others, the fabric of our social consciousness evolves.