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    Alyssa Wentworth, MS

    As a clinician, I hope to help families explore and grow to cope with life’s struggles. I strive to create a partnership with children, families, and couples to find a healing experience. I believe the counseling environment is a place to meet a client where they’re at to listen to their personal story and experiences. Through a strengths-based approach, I hope to help work for future change and growth.

    Counseling is like the start of a new painting and the blank canvas may feel intimidating at the beginning. The first brush strokes may be rough. But, as one creates, meaning can be discovered through color, the tools used, and the content. I hope to make the space to discuss and process the experience and struggles. Counseling is the opportunity to build, connect, and find meaning.

    I have particular interest in Emotion-Focused Therapy, Attachment Theory, Grief and Loss, addressing anxiety, depression, self-image, and marital, couple, and family struggles. I have earned a Master’s of Science in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from St. Cloud State University and my Bachelor’s Degree is in both Psychology and Fine Arts from the College of Saint Benedict.

    For self-care, I enjoy spending time with my family, drawing portraits, and walking with nature. I believe connections with one’s family or community can be a source of healing and brightness to life.